Meet the Band


Clare: vocals

Unhinged performing song bird extraordinaire – with a touch of glamorous charisma!
Likes: haggis, neeps and tatties
Dislikes: half empty glasses
Accomplished (brazen) vocal lead
Sings many a styley: Soul, funk, jazz, blues, classical, a capella.




Felicity: tenor sax

High Spots ‘n High Notes: very varied and in wild & wondrous places from 100 Club Oxford St to St German’s Church. Played Baritone in the 20 strong all female Saxophone Band – performed in 6inch Bright Red Boots, got ice cream dripped on me when ‘in the pit’ in Pantomime. Had fun in the Colour Tunnel in North London wearing all white. playing poly-rhythmic melodies, textural polyphonic sounds. Played alongside the wonderful Barbara Thompson; Claude Deppa and my ex Band Leader Kathy Stobart. I play all Saxes, Flute, various other things like Didgeridoo & Whistles and I just love my pint o’ real ale!



Sal: alto sax

One dark and stormy night in the year 2000 on the way back from LA, Sal’s oboe was lost by an an undisclosed airline, forcing her to rethink her musical career. A close friend, recognising her dilemma, kindly lent her his 1960’s classic Pierret alto saxophone, which has led her on a really exciting and unforgettable journey to the Cuckoo Collective.

PetePete: keys

As happy playing Bach as Stevie Wonder. Also loves Doris Day, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Clare and the Reasons, Charlotte Glasson, Oscar Peterson and Scott Joplin. The most polite member of the band. Never swears, doesn’t drink a great deal, is generally very well house trained and just wants everyone in the world to be nice to each other. Saves his wild side for the stage.

Signed photos on request.


RobBob: drums

Picked up his sticks again in 1994 having used his kit as coffee tables for the previous 18 years. He has played in soul, blues and folk bands before getting the Collective together.


JeffJeff Gilbert: bass

Former professional wrestler Jeff recently took up the bass after a career in financial management proved too difficult for his limited arithmetical skills. Jeff still struggles with putting two and two together. He loves opera and in fact thought the Cuckoo Collective was one of the new opera therapy groups that are springing up around  the country for people with limited attention spans. He is gradually acclimatising himself to red hot soul.

NeilNeil: guitar

Neil is the baby of the group who after playing in different bands/duos in and around Plymouth has settled into the nest of the Cuckoo collective. He is heavily influenced by hendrix, frusciante and corona beer and is happiest grooving with the band on the wah wah pedal.



Andy: trumpet

Hailing from the Cornish depths, Andy is the most recent addition to The Cuckoo Collective, packing some high-end punch into the horns!

Having played in various funk ‘n soul outfits over the past decade, we can look forward to an exciting new degree of sound.